A brief discussion on emergency denture repair to make your life easier

Denture Repair

Dentures are prone to damages resulting from unexpected accidents. Even the most careful and seasoned denture wearer cannot deny this truth. If you accidentally drop your dentures it may result in chipping, breakage or development of cracks. Moreover dentures are prone to wear with time. The range of dental appliances is constantly subjected to immense strain that results from routine activities like chewing foods, talking which exert pressure on it. In course of time these activities wear your denture down. Even chewing on hard foods may damage your denture. It is important to remember that old and existing dentures are easily susceptible to developing cracks as it may even gradually get loosened and eventually fall out.

If you wear denture then it is crucial to maintain your denture properly and make sure that it is always in sound health and condition. You need to set this as your priority because the condition of your denture significantly impacts your oral health and wellbeing. Serious issues related to oral health can arise from a damaged, broken, or ill-fitting denture. Curing those problems can be not only expensive but also time consuming especially when the issues get into their advanced stages with time.

What you should do when your dentures accidentally break? This is a valid question and many of you have surely been in this circumstance earlier. Now having no clue about what to do in these circumstances is what makes one feel more helpless. Let us see what the experts have to suggest that you should in case your denture gets accidentally damaged.

Immediate what you should do after a denture breakage

Dental technicians in London who deal with emergency dentures over the years suggest you should take the following steps immediately to manage the crisis that you are already in.

  • Take a close look at the breakage to determine how far the damage has extended. Usually a denturist is the best person fixing any damage to your dentures. However you may make use of an emergency denture repair kit to provide a temporary fix to the damage.
  • If your assessment says the damage is extensive and you need professional help to fix the damage, in that case you should immediately contact your denturist and seek the earliest possible appointment with the dental technician. In case you cannot manage a prompt appointment with the denturist make sure to follow his instructions over the matter as accurately as you can.
  • It is also important to mention that you should never ever make use of the normal adhesives present in home to fix your damaged denture. Likewise you should also refrain from applying DIY emergency denture repair tips sourced from the Internet that suggest you using ordinary household products for the repairing. You should know that by using those products and following those suggestions you can only end up doing serious damage to both your teeth and dentures.

Your best denture repair options

Here are a few tried and tested emergency denture repairing options that you can rely upon.

  • Denture repair by mail

A mail-in service is a tried and tested means for reliable and effective emergency denture repair. In order to use a mail-in service you first have to purchase the denture repair service and then you have to clean and disinfect the damaged denture. Then pack the denture securely and mail it to the repairing clinic. There trained and skilled denturists will fix the problem and ship the same in proper shape back to you as early as possible. Mail-in denture services are highly reliable and during the COVID – 19 pandemic it proved to be the only viable option to get damaged dentures repaired promptly. There are many players in this field who provide reliable service at reasonable cost explains a professional busy with emergency denture replacement across the years. This mailing option is definitely better than those emergency denture repair kits.

Even your denture has a serious damage or breakage issue then mail-in denture services are ideal to sort out the problem effectively. Remember in this line of services your dentures are only handled and repaired by trained and skilled denturists and therefore higher value of your hard-earned money is always assured.

Denture repair relining

With constant use over a period of time it is likely that your denture may start altering and as a result the appliance may start hurting you in the mouth. You may even suddenly start needing adhesives to hold the appliance properly in place. Even the soft tissues in the mouth like the gums keep changing over time and this is quite a natural phenomenon which you cannot prevent. These natural changes in the mouth may also affect the normal fitting of your denture. Thus a skilled and experienced denturist is who you need to reline your denture and sort the issues.

  • Adjustment of denture

When your denture needs a repair a denturist can adjust the appliance to make it fit better in your mouth. Because of the adjustments made to the denture, you enjoy greater levels of comfort wearing it. A denturist who provides the service of same day dentures in London says usually small adjustments made to dentures enable the appliances to work perfectly once again.

  • Same day walk-in repairer

The same day walk-in denture repairing service is another kind of blessing for denture users. This service enables denture users like you to get in touch with a denture clinic and have your appliances repaired the same day without any fuss. The services that you can expect from a same day denture clinic include repairing cracks on dentures, relining the appliances, repairing the flippers of the appliance, repairing the broken or damaged partial clasps. Moreover these professionals can even replace your existing dentures with new one if required.

What you should NOT do to repair dentures

There are certain actions that you should never undertake to fix your damaged dentures and those actions include the following –

  • Making use of super glue to repair a damaged denture – Super glue easily dissolves in water and is never a lasting solution to keep your denture intact. Moreover it can have toxic effect on your health.
  • No household product or any other type of glues – None of these items prove effective on the ceramic that dentures are made up of. Moreover these items may also have a toxic effect on your health.

Professionals who provide the service of same day emergency dentures in London suggest you should never delay repairing your damaged or broken dentures. It is utmost important to follow the advices of your denturist. You can also contact trustaed dental clinics like Bayswater dental clinic for best emergency denture treatment.


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